P² Technologies is perfect for manufacturers desiring to increasing Energy Star rating  and advertise
“Green Technology” .
Reduced Heat = Potential Energy

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Located in the Dallas, Texas high-tech corridor, P² Technologies is the patent holder and licensor of an energy management technology that regulates power consumption with a pulse time modulation control circuit. Resulting in an increase in any battery life, while reducing internal heat of any electrical product, AC or  DC powered

Electronics manufacturers can now produce a new line of products that “cuts the cord” and provide mobility to devices that have been tethered to AC power outlets.

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The P² Circuitry

The P²circuitry senses the power level desired to correctly operate to OEM specifications and provides P² Circuitry sufficient to maintain that desired operation. The P² technology is designed to pulse only the power necessary to operate the device only when energy is in demand – resulting in extended battery life and reduced heat.


  • Extends battery life of the internal power-cell of portable devices.
  • Heat reduction is accomplished by pulsing power; reserve power is not wasted, thus not creating internal & external heat.
  • Continuous discharge controlling and monitoring to maximize capacity, life and safety of large Li-ion battery packs.

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Positive News.
The quest is to build a better battery powered every day product.

Performance Results.
Circuitry can significantly improve the performance of battery powered devices.

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