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P² Technologies is perfect for manufacturers desiring to increasing Energy Star rating  and advertise
“Green Technology” .
Reduced Heat = Potential Energy

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The P² Circuitry

P²’s proprietary technology  (Intelipulse) allows the device to pulse the DC power necessary to operate the device only when that energy is needed, thereby improving the performance and efficiency of the device and the length of time between re-charges. 


Po = Power output       Pin = Power input                                 
     Pl = Power loss             Pr = Residual power                                 

                    Po = Pin – Pl + Pr                                                 
          Residual Heat = Residual Power                                     

Residual Power is defined as residual heat, rotational energy, mass momentum, dynamic energy, potential energy or kinetic energy. Reducing the heat, saves that energy loss and that gain of residual power can be used as power output energy, (Po) to power a device.

 The larger the DC electrical motor and the larger the mass and the higher the inertia will equal larger amounts of energy saved.

P²’s extraordinary technology can significantly improve the performance of virtually any battery powered device. In addition, the circuitry can be incorporated into any electrical application that currently requires direct battery connections.

Curling Iron - Competitive Advantage

Notice the Intelipulse 180+ degree temperature for 58 minutes, comparing that to a standard curling iron loosing 25+ degrees of temperature in 6 minutes. (Competitor’s average temperature was 140 degrees)

Reducing the application temperature requirements from 180 degrees to
140 degrees, would increase the runtime to 2 hours, when using Intelipulse Technology.

Capitalizing on EPM’s technology:

  • Permitting electric appliances that require substantial energy to maintain
    effectiveness, can now be battery powered – “Cuts the cord”

  • To provide the means for the product to be more energy efficient.
  • Extended overall battery lifetime (increasing the number of discharge cycles)
  • Increase overall performance of the product.
  • Over-Voltage Protection.
  • Thermal Regulation.


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