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Q: Is your technology a new type of battery?

A: No, our technology consists of energy pulse circuitry that optimizes or manages the way a device allocates the energy from its energy source. InteliPulse is a battery management technology, not a battery.

Q: In what types of appliances or devices does your technology work?
A: Our technology works in any type of portable appliance or device.

Q: Does this circuitry work in appliances that use very high amounts of energy like clothing dryers?
A: P²’s Technology is ideally suited for appliances that have very high energy requirements. Our circuitry can withstand extremely high loads.

Q: How do I determine the benefit of your technology on my products?
A: P² Technologies owns a lab facility where our engineers work to determine the “before and after” by incorporating our circuitry into our customers’ appliances. Our lab engineers will work with you to achieve the optimal circuit configuration and end results for your products.

Q: What type of run-time improvement can I expect from your technology in my products?
A: The run-time improvement varies from product to product. Some appliances are already very efficient in their use of energy, which means that our technology might improve the run-time only slightly. On the other hand, some types of appliances, like those that generate heat, are very inefficient and benefit considerably from our technology. The larger the electrical motor and the larger the mass and the higher the inertia will equal larger amounts of energy saved.

Q: Once we determine the benefit of P²’s technology on our products, how do we do business together?
A: P² Technologies is an intellectual property licensing company.  As such, we work with our customers to incorporate our circuitry into their product designs.  We sign license agreements with our customers and earn a royalty on the products they sell that use our technology.

Q: How big is the circuitry?  Will it fit into a very small appliance?
A: Our circuitry can be miniaturized to a single chip and added to an existing circuit board.  If size is not a significant issue, the circuit can be built using separate discrete components and placed on a larger board.

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