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Reduced Heat = Potential Energy

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P²'s extraordinary circuitry can significantly improve the performance of virtually any battery powered device.

Located in the Dallas, Texas high-tech corridor, P² Technologies is the patent holder and licensor of an energy optimization technology that maximizes the efficiency of electric products and opens the door to "cutting the cord," so they can now operate with rechargeable batteries.

This innovation of energy management circuitry has a myriad of uses in appliances and other electronic devices.  The technology was invented by a nuclear engineer, who is the Chief Technology Officer for P² and who has contributed to more than 65 patents.

P² works with manufacturers to develop applications that meet market needs. Under his direction, lab personnel have developed, showcased and built prototype applications of its unique circuitry. 

Company Background

P² Technologies is a well-capitalized startup high-tech company that was formed in July 2003. The company has developed a revolutionary energy optimization technology.

Specifically, the patented technology addresses the efficacy of an energy-dependent system by increasing the efficiency of each component. Among other things, it does this by matching impedances and reducing cell impedance, thus increasing maximum energy transfer, resulting in increased desired operation and overall cell lifetime.

The P² circuit (SMT or ASIC) allows the device to pulse the power necessary to operate the device only when that energy is needed, thereby improving the performance of the device and the length of time between necessary battery recharges.

The benefit of the circuit to each application or device can be measured by exploiting the unique characteristics of the device’s energy requirements. Current applications of the company’s circuitry revealed an improvement in performance of 20 – 200%, depending on the application and/or device.
Capitalizing on P² ’s technology adds value in two distinct ways:

Examples of Applications Include:

This technology also can be applied to products utilizing alternating current.  The P² circuitry will reduce energy consumption in appliances such as clothing dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, electric furnaces, freezers and electric heaters.

The company develops and prototypes its technology at its lab facility located in Richardson, Texas.  The business model includes prototyping improved products with specific manufacturers and then bringing the solutions to market under license agreements. Currently, P² is doing business with companies in the personal care, home appliance and consumer electronic markets.

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